Second Semester ;)

The winky face is a lie, my second semester of college is not going by however that emoticon is feeling. I actually don’t even know how it’s going, I kind of  j u s t  go to class. This semester feels like junior year–not fun and emotionally draining. At least with my first semester I had … More Second Semester 😉

day 2: why.

literally, i don’t feel like capitalizing anything. it’s too much work 😉 it’s my second day in miami but it still feels like my first because guess who stayed up all night. g u e s s. just guess. like, do it. right now. (it was me) i pulled an all-nighter for literally the dumbest … More day 2: why.


I’m amazing. I’m listening to music with these headphones my brother gave me and I was snapping so hard that I literally look like this. I can still quote Spongebob years after the episodes air. I’d say it’s a talent but what use does it have in the modern world? Anyway, Spotify just gets it. … More Wow.

Wait, what?

Since this is another free post, guess what… Stream of consciousness time! I’ve been reading this book about Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer and I’ve left sticky notes inside and I have the prettiest handwriting??? Like, wow, I’m amazing. The painting is pretty good too but I’m talking about my favorite subject: me. Speaking … More Wait, what?