Welcome to my very first blog post! My name is Matt, Matthew, Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty), or whatever else you want to call me just make sure you pass it by me first. I can currently speak three languages, English, Spanish, and Japanese, I am hopefully going to learn a fourth by the end of my first four years of college but only time will tell. I learned Japanese in high school where I also decided to look into my intended major.

I have always had a fascination with art, history, fashion, and architecture but I did not know then that my interests could lead to a serious career. I started taking classes on cultures, art history, and studio art – I find it close to appalling that I did not find school enjoyable until the last four years of it, on the bright side I left with a bang. As time passed I fell in love with the pastel and playful innuendos of the Rococo period, the intricate detail of Victorian architecture, the loud social involvement of the Pop Art movement, and how it all leads to the art and architecture we see today and even the clothes we put on our backs. As vain as it may sound, aesthetics call my name.

Recently, I have been perusing Spotify for music that is not on the “Top 40” but they get me every time with their catchy beats and lyrics about my cheating husband and lemons or something. My favorite songs right now are “REALiTi” by Grimes and “Undercover Martyn” by Two Door Cinema Club, I intend to update my blog on what I am listening to every now and then alongside a picture or gif I merited worth sharing or something along those lines.

Anyway, I will update soon. Until then, arrivederci! (Word count: 304)

Steve Carell in “The Office”

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