How to: waste time the right way

Well, by wasting time I mean nothing productive is going to happen. Currently my favorite way to waste time comes in the form of seven seasons and a spunky white woman who is stressing constantly and again brings up lemons. 30 Rock will forever have a special place in my heart. Having watched 30 Rock three times, I can say it’s one of the best shows I have ever seen. Tina Fey, the creator of the show, pitched it to NBC while working on Saturday Night Live (SNL). 30 Rock is a sitcom loosely based on Fey’s life while she wrote for SNL but obviously with a lot more “night cheese.” I’d assume Liz Lemon’s obsession with cheese was overdramatic for the sake of humor but cheese is pretty amazing. The show mainly revolves around Liz Lemon, Tina Fey’s character, and the antics of her co-workers.

Liz and I have a lot in common, aside from our love of cheese. Having limited social skills and unable to eat eggs (they gross me out, I don’t know) I had a lot to connect to. Liz Lemon embodies the persona that we don’t see a lot on mainstream media and she’s something to respect, especially since Fey has kept her alive for seven consecutive seasons and years after the series’ finale. From the co-workers my favorite is Jane Krakowski’s character, Jenna Maroney. Jenna is probably the most problematic of the bunch. I think Jenna is my favorite because of her vain self-interest and, well, I’m not sure how to put it but… She’s dumb. I can relate to both of her main character traits. As the lead of The Girlie Show (TGS), where Liz Lemon is the head writer, her and Liz spend a lot of time together. Liz usually has to bend over backwards just to get Jenna and everyone around her to do their jobs, though Liz can be immature herself. Liz and Jenna are also best friends and have been since they both started in show business in the 1990s, which gives their dynamic some backstory and why they’d do anything for each other.

So, if you’re into a series of bad (read “amazing”) jokes tied in with a little bit of reality 30 Rock is probably your thing. Watch the first few episodes and I’m sure you’ll get hooked!

Here’s what I’m listening to: it’s an oldy but it’s a goody! (word count: 401)


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