Lovely in Latex

I feel like latex is an underappreciated material, it can create some of the most beautiful and avant-garde looks. My new-found love of fashion and my peculiar tastes created a latex enthusiast. To put it simply, I think latex is cool. We all know latex’s association with the BDSM community but it’s the fetish aspect that makes latex in fashion wrong in all the right ways. It’s skin tight, empowering, and breathtaking. Breathtaking in both because it’s skin tight but also because I, and many others, find it aesthetically pleasing. Plenty of designers and celebrities are jumping on-board the latex revolution, including Alexander McQueen, Rihanna, and Kate Moss. Even the queen is wearing latex!

In 2010 Kate Moss was featured wearing Astuko Kudo and House of Harlot in an issue of i-D, shot by Nick Knight, and it seems like Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Dior, and Versace are all feeling the sex-kitten fantasy.

Kate 2.jpg

Will latex be as mainstream as a t-shirt and jeans? Probably not, but it’s extremely high fashion and editorial. The latex revolution is upon us and I’m hoping nothing stops it.

I know I already posted a song of the week but here’s what I’m listening to: ***


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