Femme Fatales?

I’m no stranger to Netflix. I pay my monthly subscription like everyone else and it’s worth every penny. A lot of my favorite movies come and go on the Netflix streaming list but here they are:

-Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods

Legally Blonde is probably the greatest movie of our time. A cinematic masterpiece if I’m going to be honest. I think it’s one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Elle, a fashion merchandising major, somehow gets into Harvard Law after her boyfriend dumps her. She tries to get his attention while at Harvard but she learns that he’ll never see her as good enough and decides to prove him wrong and make him e a t  i t. At the end (SPOILER… I guess) her entire background in law was close to irrelevant because she didn’t need any of that information to solve a case because all she needed was “cosmo tips.”

-Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Frances McDormand as Guinevere Pettigrew and Amy Adams as Delysia Lafosse


If I had to describe the characters of this movie in one word I would probably not say anything because I’m bad with words. This movie was cute though. I liked the way it showed the blatant differences between the two main characters, Guinevere Pettigrew and Delysia Lafosse. Guinevere in a few words is quick and smart, while Delysia is a bit ditzy and far more concerned with her looks than Guinevere. The movie (2008) was actually based on the book Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (1938). The movie is set in pre-WWII London so there’s a lot of of Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences – if we’re going to talk about aesthetics it gets me t h e r e. It’s a fun movie with a cute ending, if you’re ever in the mood for a light movie with some sprinkled darkness I recommend this movie deeply.

-How to Marry a Millionaire

Marilyn Monroe as Pola Debevoise, Lauren Bacall as Schatze Page, and Betty Grable as Loco Dempsey


Over the summer I got really into the 1950s and old Hollywood glamour (the “u” makes it fancy). Thinking about the 1950s brought the most iconic blonde bombshell to mind, Marilyn Monroe. I watched all of her movies, or the ones on Netflix at least, and by far this one is my favorite. The girls are models in New York City trying to make a living and I’m glad that they made their living off of the hypermasculinity of the 50s, using it to their advantage. The entire movie I was just like “yas,” but they ended up finding love which I guess is cool too but I was initially drawn to their extra oomph and their strength. I found these characters, weirdly enough for the 1950s, refreshing. Like, yes these women did what was expected of them in the 50s but they were also smart and witty. Marilyn didn’t have a large part but I found her and her friends to be some kind of commentary on the female gender (or I’m a little full of myself). They gave men the idea that they had power but in reality the girls were playing them the entire time. (540)



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