I’m amazing.

I’m listening to music with these headphones my brother gave me and I was snapping so hard that I literally look like this.

Spongebob Squarepants doing spongy things.
I can still quote Spongebob years after the episodes air. I’d say it’s a talent but what use does it have in the modern world?

Anyway, Spotify just gets it. I don’t know what it is but they do. They get all of it. They own it all. You know what they do get? My money every month. I use Spotify so much that they know exactly what new music to suggest.

So, I went to Miami last weekend and I already miss it. Gainesville is so boring, like what. WHOM? Everything closes at like 9pm up here.. Like, what if I need to get Chipotle at 9:01pm? CAN’T. Chipotle emergency. Chipotle is literally my life support, without it I would die. My friend was telling me she doesn’t understand the obsession with it but I do. I get it. 

If I get it and Spotify gets it… Am I Spotify? Answer: No, because I’m not loaded. They’re literally loaded with money. The only thing I’m loaded with is cheese.

I went to UF today because my friend needed to take some pictures of trees or whatever. I saw this guy wearing a mesh tank-top and I could totally not see his mocha nipples against his ivory shirt. Like, I totally couldn’t. Could not. Nope. Those nipples were c o v e r e d. Discreet. Hidden. Yes.  He seemed like fun though. I want to be friends with someone who frees the nipple.

  1. OH
  2. MY
  3. GOD

I just thought of this picture it’s so funny. Give me a second while I go look for it.

I couldn’t find it and I literally spent looking at male nipples in mesh shirts for like 10 minutes. The picture I was looking for was this guy in a pleather mesh shirt and his nipple literally escaped through the holes and it’s just this tiny pink thing popping out. The point is that I thought it was hilarious. Just imagine it.

(I just found it, like, 12 hours later

I’m bedazzling a lighter. Just saying.

I started bedazzling it in, like, September but I got tired. My hands weren’t made to do manual labor, they were made to count money. My money though. I don’t have money so like the money of my imaginary sugar daddy that is now mine.

For real though, where can I find a sugarless sugar daddy. WHERE CAN I, a simple child of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, FIND SOMEONE TO GIVE ME FREE MONEY? I thought being pious and good would get me places. @Cinderella y u  f u c k i n g  lyin’?

Oh my fucking God, I had to look up a picture to link something or whatever and I remember in the second grade that I asked my teacher for my test back to put the date but I forgot to answer a question and she caught me and I was like:

Trixie Mattel in UNHhhh
Like, BITCH GOT ME. She made me write “liar” on my paper and I was like “… what?” I didn’t say that because I knew what a liar was but I had absolutely  n o  idea how to write it. I think I wrote it wrong. So yeah, that must’ve been really important to my upbringing because why would I remember that??

So this blog was originally for my English class but it’s fun to just say stupid stuff on the internet. I’m going to keep blogging and spreading my million dollar ideas but probably not weekly. (611)


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