day 2: why.

literally, i don’t feel like capitalizing anything. it’s too much work


it’s my second day in miami but it still feels like my first because guess who stayed up all night. g u e s s. just guess. like, do it. right now. (it was me)

i pulled an all-nighter for literally the dumbest reason. it was like 4 am and i was like “wow i want to be tan again,” because gainesville is NOT doing me any favors. so i’m going to spend the entire day outside. i want to be the color of a croissant or some nice flaky pastry. wow i’m so hungy. i missed cuban food so much, like, you don’t understand. croquetas??? CROQUETAS?


pastelitos with beef in them are bomb as hell too. guava and cheese????? it sorta rhymes with diabetes for a reason i guess, or it doesn’t and fully made it sound the same in my head because i stayed up all night.

why am i such a mess. notice how i ended that sentence that seemed like a question with a period. it’s because it’s not a questions, it’s a statement.

do you know that feeling when your eyes just start to water from lying down or something? crippling depression, right? gets the best of ya sometimes.

  1. why
  2. is
  3. my
  4. phone
  5. blowing up
  6. at
  7. 7:43 am
  8. ???

these fake ass bitches, snapchatting me in the morning when they wake up because they slept. IM TRULY DISGUSTED WITH THIS DISRESPECT.

i think it’s funny now i told myself 7 am was going to be the time i went outside and exposed my pale cheeks to god himself (my hot neighbor).

just kidding. i don’t have a hot neighbor to look at my naked body at 7 in the morning. my ultimate goal, though, is for my ass to be neapolitan icecream (petition to make ice cream one word because it should be) minus the strawberry. i’m latino so i can be a little dark and not look wrong.

wow, imagine me tan and beautiful.

i don’t have to because i already am.

do you ever just lie to yourself and our three followers because same.



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