Second Semester ;)

The winky face is a lie, my second semester of college is not going by however that emoticon is feeling. I actually don’t even know how it’s going, I kind of  j u s t  go to class. This semester feels like junior year–not fun and emotionally draining. At least with my first semester I had classes I actually liked. I took higher level art, English, and history classes senior year, which I did enjoy, so the first semester was basically senior year 2.0. I have to take a bunch of math classes this term and I am NOT having it. The only class I’m sure I’ll do fine in is trigonometry, it’s the only math I’m good at. Geometry too. Shapes in general, I guess.


Let’s talk about this gif (pronounced with a hard g, for all you uneducated swine):


Like, what did Beyoncé see???


That’s all I wanted to say about that, to be honest. What could have possibly shocked our lord and savior, Beyoncé?

I’ve wanted to make a blog post for a while but I don’t have anything funny to say. What’s new though? Do you want to know what’s new? My cat’s hammock, that’s what. I got her a hammock. A hammock. She totally needs a hammock. She needs another hammock, one for inside and another for the balcony. She needs more things. She needs everything. A hoodie with a lion’s mane?????? I’m logged the FUCC in, credit card at hand, and r e a d y to waste my financial aid.

Not really though, I have to be smart with my money. My cat got fleas like a week ago and I was still buying text books even though my financial aid hadn’t come through (let me know how that makes sense, College) so I asked my mom for money and I literally spent it all on her. Hammock not included. It hit me yesterday while watching Friends that I basically adopted a child. She’s going to live for another 16+ years and I’m only 18. TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY. I have a living, breathing creature depending on me. I can’t make death jokes anymore, it’ll get too real now that she’ll die too if I die. Dying though? That sweet release, daddy please. Anyway, yeah my child. I named my child Onion… I’m essentially Gwyneth Paltrow. Real talk, had to look her up because all I knew is that she named her kid Apple bUT I DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS MARRIED TO COLDPLAY.

So Friends, yeah? I started watching Friends from season 1 episode 1 because I hate myself and because it’s on Netflix. I’m on season 2 and Rachel just (JUST NOTICED THIS IS A SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED FRIENDS BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T GO FUCKING DO IT) found out Ross is in love with her and she was like “omg what ew wait no maybe me too” and she goes to the airport to tell him she loves him too BUT HE’S WEARING HEADPHONES SO HE DOESN’T HEAR HER and she asks the flight attendant to give him a message but like she didn’t. She didn’t give Ross the message because Rachel gave her a vague description and not because she’s just a horrible person. So, yeah, now Ross comes back from China(??? why??) with his new girlfriend, Julie. Fuck Julie. FUCKIN’ JULIE, ruining Rachel’s chance at happiness.


Thinking about it now, if Julie and Ross didn’t break up after Rachel told him she had feelings for him it would have saved Rachel from going through a lot. I don’t really know what happens because I’ve only seen the show out of order.

Chandler and Rachel are fashion goals. Everything they wear is like, yes??????????? Monica and Joey too but mostly Chandler and Rachel.

In the most innocent way possible, Rachel’s nipples have me SHOOK.

So yeah, that’s how life has been for the last few weeks: math, fleas, and shook nipples.

#my song for the last two months.


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