Femme Fatales?

I’m no stranger to Netflix. I pay my┬ámonthly subscription like everyone else and it’s worth every penny. A lot of my favorite movies come and go on the Netflix streaming list but here they are: -Legally Blonde Legally Blonde is probably the greatest movie of our time. A cinematic masterpiece if I’m going to be … More Femme Fatales?

Lovely in Latex

I feel like latex is an underappreciated material, it can create some of the most beautiful and avant-garde looks. My new-found love of fashion and my peculiar tastes created a latex enthusiast. To put it simply, I think latex is cool. We all know latex’s association with the BDSM community but it’s the fetish aspect … More Lovely in Latex


Welcome to my very first blog post! My name is Matt, Matthew, Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty), or whatever else you want to call me just make sure you pass it by me first. I can currently speak three languages, English, Spanish, and Japanese, I am hopefully going to learn a fourth by the end … More Welcome!